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blasphemousbrooke said: I'm sorry that I am so stupid :/

You aren’t stupid! You’re brilliant. I just want to prove my worth to you and comments like that demoralize me. I still love you!

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Oh secret santa where art thou?

blasphemousbrooke said: I like being your boop!

I like that you are my boop!

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blasphemousbrooke said: I think we scared em off!

'Twas never my intention. However, it matters not.

My boop!

blasphemousbrooke said: I love you so!

The secret santa disappeared! 
I love you like a warlock loves his or her demons. Truly.

blasphemousbrooke said: I'll be your not secret Santa baby :) muah! *glares*

My beebee!

Anonymous said: i dont see a link for it, i guess your layout doesnt let it show shit :I ?

Anonymous said: did yahh do it?

I did. Don’t make me regret this. lol

Anonymous said: just do ittt. go to the settings, click on your username, then scroll down and allow submissions


Anonymous said: open your submission box!

Oh, why should I do such things?

Anonymous said: i lift your spirits if your down, chit chat, whateva. and at 12 i come off anon!

Hmm! Seems interesting. Never gotten a secret santa before.

Anonymous said: I was given your username randomly to be your secret santa. im supposed to tell you nice stuff!

Oh okay. How does that work?

blasphemousbrooke said: Why would I anon?

I am so confused svgiknasjbdhdjs

Anonymous said: oh..

Yep! I’m gonna marry her some day.

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